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The central section of the Tay Railway Bridge passing across a flat-calm Tay at sunset, Dundee, Scotland. DD130

Like much of the country we’ve had our fair share of snow in Dundee over the last few days. The chance to get out and about and take some photographs of snowy Dundee has been limited both by the snow on driveways and roads and by the COVID-19 restrictions. Fortunately, one of my favourite photographic […]

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Train crossing the Tay Railway Bridge into a fog-bank, Dundee, Scotland. DD084

I’ve been spending the Coronavirus Lockdown in Dundee, on the ‘sunny’ north coast of the Tay in Scotland. Although generally occupied with reading, writing, cataloguing, and putting photos on-line, I have been out and about taking some photos of Coronavirus Dundee. Fortunate to be living just opposite the Dundee end of the Tay Railway Bridge, […]

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The Tay Railway Bridge at dusk from western Dundee, Scotland.  DD123

Gallery Page: Dundee Snow Photographs

These Dundee Snow Photographs are from the heavy snowfall in February 2021. for a few days the familiar landscape around Magdalen Green and Riverside were transformed by a blanket of white. As well as being stunningly beautiful, the snow carpet provided some much-needed respite from the misery of the COVID-19 lockdown. I hope this small […]

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People exercising on Rverside during the COVID-19 lockdown, Dundee, Scotland. DD080

Gallery Page: Dundee Lockdown

Despite lockdown I’ve managed to get out and about (all while observing the Covid-19 protection guidelines!) and take some photographs. Read my ‘Dundee in Lockdown’ photoblog. Colour Monochrome

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Monochrome (black and white) image of RRS Discovery and the V&A Dundee, Dundee, Scotland. DD023

Gallery Page: Dundee

Dundee, on the north side of the Tay Estuary in Scotland, is renowned as the ‘city of jute, jam and journalism’. The jute mills have closed down as the formerly ubiquitous organic fibre has been replaced by synthetic materials. The jam aspect refers to the marmalade first made from Seville oranges by the Keiller family […]