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Dundee, on the north side of the Tay Estuary in Scotland, is renowned as the ‘city of jute, jam and journalism’.

The jute mills have closed down as the formerly ubiquitous organic fibre has been replaced by synthetic materials. The jam aspect refers to the marmalade first made from Seville oranges by the Keiller family in 1797. Journalism is the only one of these three industries still thriving in Dundee with D. C. Thomson still publishing magazines, comics and newspapers in the city. The comics include the Beano and the Dandy with its iconic character Desperate Dan whose statue strides down the High Street.

The Rail Bridge and the V&A

Dundee is characterised these days by its rail and road bridges across the Tay, the new V&A Dundee design museum designed by celebrated Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, and a thriving digital games industry.

I have been lucky to get to know this fascinating city over the past few years as the home of my partner, jeweller and silversmith Sandra Wilson.